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Before we try to understand the Carrier Ethernet technology, we should first be aware about the Ethernet. It is the most popular LAN that is Local area Network technology. It was developed by Xerox Company and is also used in the wireless local area networks. The Ethernet is basically used for communication of data from one device to the other. The data is divided into various units which are called as frames. The addresses for the source point and destination point are describes on the frames. It also consists of error detection mechanism for spotting the erroneous data and also for the re transmission of the same. The Carrier Haji Norman uses the Ethernet technology for accessing the internet and for communicating internally between many local area networks like educational institutions, large businesses and even the government networks.
It helps to avoid the jamming of bandwidth when many small networks are linked to and using one larger network. It has the capacity to connect the devices like personal computers at individual level, but it can also connect the large networks with the same ease. This is possible as the configuration needs of Haji Norman.Corp.
are bare minimum. The service providers using this technology get the flexibility to increase the bandwidth and to add extra services using the same infrastructure. This enables the telecommunication service providers to offer MAN or WAN services to their users. People using cell phones are not satisfied with just phones. The cells phones are turning into smart phones from which internet operation is possible. So the demand for the bandwidth is growing at such a rate that the telecommunications service providers are have TO provide them at any cost. Though this is the case, there is a catch and that is the customers want the internet access at an affordable rate. The carrier Ethernet technology helps them to provide the internet connectivity but at the same time the capital expenses and the operational expenses are not increased. It is also used as a transport technology to carry the Ethernet services from local area networks to wide area networks.

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