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Trade shows are an important staple of the fashion world. They offer an opportunity for designers, consumers, critics, buyers and suppliers to converge and find or define the upcoming trends.As well as the major runway shows throughout the world, there are a number of specific events that take place within the industry, including lingerie trade shows.
There is a fantastic selection of events, ranging from small intimate collections to huge international exhibitions. These attract the major lingerie designers and design houses as well as those more modest, independent stores. As such there is often a fantastic blend of ideas, styles and creations from the most innovative people within the lingerie industry.
When it comes to UK fashion trade shows, few are bigger or better than the Moda event. This three day exhibition attracts thousands of visitors from within the industry each year. Lingerie of course is a major part of the fashion show, with designers showing off their latest collections to an expectant audience.
Here you'll find the newest styles from a fantastic mix of design houses and independents. In 2012 it is being hosted at the NEC in Birmingham and will take place between 19th and 21st of February. Whilst other fashion lines are certainly in evidence, including men's and women's, lingerie is certainly very much in evidence making it one of the must-attend events in the calendar.
This global fair, like most others on the list, attracts the elite of the lingerie world. Based in one of the fashion capitals, it has a huge amount of prestige – as well as competition within the same city. Lin 2011 there were 550 brands exhibiting and over 29,000 visitors throughout the 3 day event. As such it offers unparalleled exposure for designers as well as providing the perfect environment for buyers.
If the allure of Paris isn't enough for you, the huge Salon International de la Lingerie should certainly provide ample encouragement for those within the industry. As one of the premier events in Europe, if not the world, it certainly demands a fair share of attention within the trade.
Featuring both a CurveNY and CurveLV event, the CURVExpo is a North American showcase of the leading designers in the USA and beyond. Whilst slightly smaller than Salon International, CurveNY attracted 250 different brands for this exclusive lingerie and nightwear event in 2011. As such it garners a great deal of interest within the industry and brings in a huge number of visitors each year.
So if you're based in the United States or are looking to attend as many of the leading lingerie trade shows as possible, you should certainly consider the CURVExpo. As with most others, you can also apply to have a stand at the event if you're a designer with a new range of garments to show off. In terms of exposure, it's difficult to compete with.
So there you have it, three of the biggest lingerie trade events in Europe and around the world. There are of course many others, some specific to bridal or even more adult varieties. As previously mentioned, these can be on any scale. Either incorporated into others shows and exhibitions or as a standalone fair, you should be able to find lingerie events wherever you are.
Of course if you're looking for more information on where to go and what to look out for, trade magazines and industry websites are a great resource. You can also approach specific brands to find out where they're exhibiting or even buy directly. But if you're an independent designer looking to get your foot in the door and want to gain a little exposure, make sure you look out for a trade show near you.

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