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Installing an electric cooktop is not as hard as some people may think. In fact, they're definitely easier compared to their gas counterparts. Not only are there lesser attachments but the process actually take lesser time to do. That being said, following are some step on how to install an electrical cooktop.


First off, keep in mind that even without an open flare, an electric cooktop still needs to be placed at a specific overhead distance. Anything below 30 inches is not acceptable, especially if the above area is made of wooden kitchen cabinets. Also, try to place the cooktop as near as possible to the socket in order to prevent strain between the wires

Items and Equipment

Make sure that all the needed items for installation are ready even before the work starts. Some of the most important items include the cord and strain relief. The cord could be a three-pronged or four-pronged item so be sure to check firsthand. The strain relief is installed at the back of the cooktop in order to prevent pulling of the wires.
For this task, a screwdriver may also be necessary. Note that cooktops vary in installation procedure from one brand to the next. This is why it is imperative to read product instructions BEFORE attempting the installation.


The good news is that most cords or wires are color-coded. Hence, homeowners simply have to connect the matching colors together without having to worry if they are doing it correctly. Note that some cords may need to be bent in order to fit or work well with the installation. This isn't the problem as most cords are made to accommodate this type of movement.


Switch off the electricity in the kitchen area of the house first before attempting installation. Although it may sound easy, safety must always be the top priority of the homeowner. Check and recheck the connections and their conformity with the manual provided by the manufacturer before trying to use the cooktop.
Test all the elements and not just one of them to ensure that everything works. Of course, try to make sure that the electric cooktop electrical requirements correspond with those provided in the area. For example, things like wattage and voltage should be carefully inspected prior to installation.
If unsure, ask the seller about the electrical requirements of the appliance. If still doubtful about the installation process, call a professional for the job.

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