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Business..? So you decide to buy a franchise – where do you even start?Recently there was a statistic floating around stating there would be over 650 new franchises created in 2012 – could that be true? This is 650 new franchisors not new franchisee locations.So how do you investigate and choose a new franchise to buy when there are hundreds of new choices each year? in the past we have discussed creating a list of criteria and some other effective ways of narrowing the field and today we are going to discuss franchise consultants.First we might need to define what is a franchise consultant? By most definitions a franchise consultant would be someone who consults with franchisors to set up,operate and help expand a franchise system.However,in some circles there are other groups taking liberties with the term franchise consultant.Everyone from field support personnel to franchise brokers seem to adopt the term franchise consultant.In this article we will refer to someone who represents multiple franchise brands and helps sell those brands direct to new franchise prospects a franchise broker not a franchise consultant. While there are many types of franchise brokers there are also some commonalities amongst the largest and most popular groups.Most franchise broker groups represent from 20 to 100+ brands ranging throughout all different types of industries.While they have not always been in favor in the franchise industry with franchisors and other franchise vendors,some of their core competencies may be of value to a franchise prospect.Many franchise broker groups have utilized personality profiles that may help narrow what types of industries you should be reviewing.In addition,brokers also should be able to provide starting information on many different companies within the selected industries,further narrowing the search and saving you valuable time.This is probably where the value ends.You can't expect brokers to be experts on every brand in their portfolio,so using a m-awali. to help you make a final buying decision would not be prudent.As for information gathering and helping you narrow your search,they function well.After you have reached a short list plan on speaking directly with the franchisor,and even revisiting all the information you received from the franchise broker. Once you are dealing one-on-one with the franchisor you will need to utilize all your pre-created criteria we have discussed in past postings.The process will still take some time while you complete applications,take phone calls and attend discovery days.You will also receive brochures as well as Franchise Disclosure Documents to review.It may be a lot of steps but that should be assumed when you are making a big decision…and by using a good franchise broker in the right role,it might save you a little time Start your search today with our META BUAT LOMBA

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