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Presidentialcandidates debate began between President Barack Obama faces a Republican challenger,Mitt Romney,to try his idea of ​​the issue within the United States in the first series of the 2012 presidential election debate series. As reported by the BBC, Thursday 12this debate consists of three series for the presidency and one round for a vice presidential candidate,is a tradition of the U.S. presidential election which was then widely imitated in many other democratic countries in the world. Debate is also prevalent in the convention arena partaifase before a candidate is officially brought the Republicans or Democrats as the Officialcandidate for the U.S. presidency. Although statistically not much debate to determine the election outcome, but the event is still considered important as an arena to demonstrate the advantages of each candidate. President Barack Obama has a presence in Denver,Colorado who became the arena of debate time. The event will run for 90 minutes and is expected to be watched by 60 million viewers via live television around the world. Three other debates will be held in the next four weeks before the presidential election on November 6. The debate will be moderated by Jim Lehrer,a senior journalist and broadcaster PBS television station in which President Obama will get the first turn to answer questions. Once the importance of this debate agenda both candidates reportedly preparing very ketat.Romney meet with strategists throughout Wednesday morning (Wednesday night local time) before the location of the Debate in the afternoon. While President Obama was on a tour of his campaign in Colorado are also preparing themselves along the way. So far,Obama's position is still championed see poll Reuters / Ipsos that on Wednesday showed the superiority of 47-41 percent for Obama than Romney. Another poll showed support for Obama NPR achieve 51-44 percent over Romney. Although the debate may be momentum to reverse the situation, even if a small mistake in this debate can also be disastrous. The Debatetoday is much valued as the most important agenda for the upcoming series of debates because of the focus on domestic issues where Romney is expected to use the sluggish U.S. economy as a major attack against the government of PresidentObama's performance.

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