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Google app store has 700,000 apps reported ready download.All is equal to the number of applications owned by Apple's application store. Apple itself at the launch of the iPhone some time ago saying that the applications in the App Store have reached more than 700 thousand applications for the iPad with a total of 275 thousand and is still growing. As quoted from Businessweek, the number of apps in the Android store, which is the app store for Google's Android software,has reached 700 thousand for tablets and for smartphones. Competition between the operating system is not just a novelty version as well as a variety of facilities in them, but also of the applications available in the store each.Users smart devices attached to a variety of applications ranging from games,productivity tools help, read news and many other applications.number of applications available in the store to be one of the benefits that are often highlighted to attract consumers. iOS and Android now have almost the same number of applications,as many as 700 thousand,on the other hand, Microsoft said that Windows Phone ecosystem they have had as many as 120 thousand applications,a number that will continue to grow as the launch of their new operating system Windows Phone 8. Competition would be more interesting,especially if they included elements of the quality of the application as a benchmark tambahan.Tentunya each operating system will encourage developers to deliver quality applications.


In a conference for developers,BUILD 2012,Microsoft announced that it has sold four million upgrade to Windows 8 since its launch on 26 October.In this event, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer also said that the company has sent "millions of copies" of the new Microsoft operating system kepda their partners. Microsoft also announced good news for developers, the release of the SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be downloaded by the developers aplikasi.Selain that Ballmer also said that the latest operating system including Windows Store (app store) was developed to be liked by consumers,opportunities which can be used by developers.
Unfortunately,there is no explanation of the sale Surface,Microsoft's tablet, which was launched at the same time with Windows 8 (for Windows version RT). Yet Ballmer said that consumer interest in the device ini.Touched also on Windows Phone,which is a phone that can complement devices owned by users who have used the device in Windows 8 ecosystem. BUILD event itself is still ongoing, and the audience attending this event, the developers were present,each will get 100GB of storage space on SkyDrive and Windows RT Surface tablet with 32GB capacity and phone Lumia 920.

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